Automotive ERP

Auto Parts Enterprise Business Process Digital Management Platform

Clients: auto parts traders, manufacturers

product value

Product value

Complete support of high-speed growth, mature auto parts business applications of the whole process digital management platform

AM-ERP (production-oriented enterprise) and AF-ERP (trade-oriented enterprise) are the industry-specific ERP launched by Clover Automotive Technology for the auto parts industry, which solves the problems of product standardization, operation, finance, sales and export declaration. The problem is to establish an enterprise-level data system + Internet digital management platform to realize the integration of cloud services, accessories big data, ERP, and the Internet of Things, and comprehensively enhance the production and management efficiency of enterprises.

Advantages & features

Advantages & Features

ERP of the auto parts industry has made a lot of optimizations on the workflow and management process of the system for the characteristics of the auto parts industry.

Directly connected to the global auto parts big data system, supporting real-time query of auto parts data and data standardization of enterprise products

Work with the official website to achieve the inquiry order directly to establish ERP business workflow

Core Functions

Core functions


Customer case

Customer case


KOEN(China) auto parts supplier

the ERP of Siyeto help KOEN(China) solves many problems: 1. Realizing the establishment of unified standardized process management, including production planning, supply chain management, quality management, Personnel management, etc.; 2. Standardization of enterprise products, with the help of global auto parts big data capabilities, standardize information such as product numbers, specifications, and adapted models, and unify external customers and internal production product standards; 3. With product data standardization construction, Ultimately reduce costs and increase unit performance.

Product experience

Product experience

For the auto parts industry's exclusive ERP, combined with the global auto parts big data system, real-time query vehicle models, accessories information, to help establish product data standardization, official website enquiry orders directly establish ERP business workflow