Global Auto Parts Data Standardization

Series of parts, full car parts and other accessories data standardization and catalog customization service

Clients: auto parts traders, manufacturers, brand operators

What is data standardization

What is data standardization

Provides standardization of spare parts for auto parts (series), standardization services for accessories such as single auto brand parts (full vehicle parts), and an online inquiry system for ERP systems and enterprise products. Establish standard processes, standardize product data, unify ERP, sales, and production process number management; automate big data support, quickly incubate more similar products, adapt to rapid market changes, improve product competitiveness; establish multi-channel data A unified and professional online catalogue of products, comprehensively open up the data query and display of official website, mobile app and other channels.

By standardizing product data, you can drill down into similar markets in a vertical direction, quickly expand customers in more regions and brands, and horizontally expand the business of similar products to meet the needs of multiple customers. Achieve the goal of expanding revenue and business development.

Offline version of the custom data directory

Offline customized data directory

Provides global auto parts data customization, and can provide data docking services in MYSQL, CSV, PDF and other formats. The data includes the size of the product, the picture, the applicable model, the applicable original number, and the applicable CROSS number (global brand).

service system

Service system

  • customer consultation

    Customize the training content according to customer needs, provide exclusive training programs for different roles, full coverage of online and offline multi-channel.

  • Perfect training system

    Senior customer consultants research, communicate, and customize personalized solutions to help enterprises efficiently deploy information and digital platforms.

  • after-sales service

    Multiple support services let the company have no worries, 7*24 hours online phone customer service, online work orders, mail support, on-site support.

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